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Official carrier Unlock

Unlocking your phone can open a door to a world of flexibility. We provide unlocking services for all major phones such as Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy …

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Smartphone and Tablet Repairs

We are the leading mobile phone repairer in Perth for all major brands of mobile phones and tablets …

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Unlock by Brand

Does your mobile phone model have call restrictions? Do you get an “invalid SIM’ error when you change the SIM card? Well stress no further, you are in the right place! …

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Mail - in Repairs

Simply send us your broken device in the mail, and upon receiving it, one of our certified technicians will contact you to discuss your repair and costs…

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Data Recovery and Virus Removal

Are you getting a ‘No operating system found’ error or hearing odd clicks or other noises from your hard disk? These are signs of a faulty hard drive.

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Desktop and laptop Repair

At iWorkshop we have experienced technicians that are equipped and capable of solving all kinds of hardware and software faults for your laptops and desktops.

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At iWorkshop we Specialise in

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Apple Repair

We offer Apple iPhone Repair services on every model. Cracked iPhone? We can fix it! Don’t let a cracked screen get you down.

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Samsung Repair

Need a Samsung phone repairer? We offer a variety of Samsung repair services! …

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Other Repairs

Looking for the best and most reliable workshop? We provide repair services for all major brands of smartphone available on the market …

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