Smartphone and Tablet Repairs


Got a cracked screen on your device? But the image underneath still appears to be fine? Then you may just have a damaged touchscreen or digitiser. On some handsets, it is possible to separate the digitiser from the LCD. Tablets such as Apple iPad, where the glass is separable from the LCD. Make these repairs much easier and cheaper then you probably thought.


Are there coloured lines on your display, or is the text unreadable? A small bump or drop is sometimes all it takes to damage a LCD screen. We can replace damaged LCD screens, often on the same day for most major models.


Battery easily drained? Do you to constantly recharge your phone? You could have a defective or old battery. We supply and fit a huge range of replacement batteries for all types of mobile phones.


Microphone and speaker damage is usually caused by moisture, even if the phone hasn’t been in contact with water. Moisture can sometimes cause delicate components to corrode, leading to a loss in audio quality or even complete failure.


Are you having trouble getting reception? Do your calls keep dropping out or is your signal fluctuating? You may have a faulty antenna or other hardware or software issue.


Is your phone dented or scratched and no longer looking new? We can rejuvenate your phone with a housing replacement. We carry a huge range of housings for most handsets.


A screen protector is a replaceable thin film that fits over your main screen to protect against scratches. We can attach these for you, to guarantee that the adhesion is bubble free and dust free..


We are the specialists in water damage and have a very high success rate in repairing liquid damaged phones. If this recently has happened to you then swiftly remove the battery if you can and bring it to us! We are the water damage device specialists!


If your SIM card slider is broken or SIM reader is damaged and can’t be read by your phone, this can be repaired. Call us today if you are experiencing any SIM issues.