Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions - iWorkshop

  1. iWorkshop will not be responsible for goods left on the premises longer than one (1) month after the quotation or when customer knows the phone is ready to be picked up and it’s still left for more than 1 month.
  2. A standard inspection fee is to be paid at the time of booking in the job.  This inspection fee is NOT refundable.
  3. A quotation will then be given after inspection of all faults.  If the customer decides to authorise the repairs and changes the decision after the repair is completed, a rejection fee may be charged to undo the repairs.
  4. If the quote is accepted, the inspection fee will go towards paying the total cost of repairs.  
  5. Customers will be notified of any repairs above the quoted price and then given a new quotation.  
  6. For most repairs, a minimum charge of $25 will apply to mobile phone repairs / service.  If the customer decides to accept the repairs then the total fee will be inclusive of GST and all the minimum charges.
  7. All data on the mobile phone may be erased during software upgrade, repairs or virus removal.  It is the user’s responsibility to have these backed up.  iWorkshop will not be responsible for any cases of data loss.  Our technicians will not be held accountable.  No exceptional case will be accepted.
  8. Software / firmware may need to be re-installed during a repair.
  9. It is the user’s responsibility to maintain data integrity.
  10. Any software / firmware upgrades are done at the customer’s own risk.
  11. iWorkshop will not be held responsible for reprogramming the phone at the user’s request.  Reprogramming the phone may cause the phone to be unlocked from the certain network.  It is the user’s responsibility to have read the agreement or contract of the mobile phone service provider and have sufficient understanding of how unlocking of a mobile phone unit may breech the contract in more ways than one.  It is the user/s that will be held liable for any penalties that may arise from unlocking the unit.
  12. iWorkshop is merely providing services / repairs that enable the mobile phone to function at the user’s expectations.  This type of reprogramming will only be done at the user’s request and risk.
  13. iWorkshop is not responsible for ownership issues relating to the mobile phone unit whilst left for repair.  Please keep proof of purchase or reference to proof of ownership of the mobile phone during pick up as failure to do so will result in the seizure of the unit until sufficient identity is proven.
  14. Customers must keep in mind that the equipment brought in is faulty and require repair or servicing to rectify the problem.
  15. In some cases some parts may have already been damaged and have not gone un-noticed.  We can only try our best but we cannot guarantee 100% success on fixing a particular fault.  Please refer to terms 1, 2 and 3.
  16. If a phone is water damaged please expect some parts to deteriorate due to corrosion and as such, repairs may not be possible.
  17. Do not expect new for old exchange.
  18. The item(s) documented in the service request will remain the property of iWorkshop until such time the account is settled in full.
  19. Warranty is only provided to the parts replaced or faults serviced by iWorkshop.  Any additional service requests made after the equipment leaves the premises will not be provided for warranty claim(s).
  20. A Warranty period of 120 days is provided to any repairs done by iWorkshop.
  21. Deposits on specially ordered goods are not refundable unless we are unable to get hold of goods required.  Please keep in mind shipping time is beyond our control.
  22. Once your device is accepted by iWorkshop for inspection, allow up to 7 days for us to source parts.
  23. All special orders not picked up after 30 days of notification would be treated the same as term #1 and deposit not refundable.
  24. Remember certain parts are not supplied outside the factory therefore, not all faults are economically repairable.
  25. iWorkshop reserves the rights to repair, replace and re-order parts on warranty claims